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IS AVAILABLE NOW AT CUES.ORG/GovernanceReport2020.

Co-authored by Quantum Governance, L3C and The David and Sharon Johnston Centre for Corporate Governance Innovation of the Rotman School of Management and published by CUES. Key findings include:

Similar to The State of Credit Union Governance, 2018 Report, the 2020 Report offers a look at current trends in credit union governance and leadership that credit unions can use to strengthen their boards.

“Perhaps most shocking of all, credit union directors often did not fully understand their core role and responsibilities as board members,” said Michael Daigneault, CCD, CEO, Quantum Governance, L3C. “Furthermore, we found boards are all too often focused heavily on operational, day-to-day issues that should typically fall under the purview of the CEO and senior staff.”

Take a listen as co-authors Michael Daigneault, CEO of Quantum Governance, L3C and Matt Fullbrook, Manager at the Rotman School of Management share their thoughts and insights on the report and its key findings. 

Quantum Governance, L3C is a dynamic team of experts in governance, strategy and fundraising designed to partner with your organization 100% virtually to help you reach your full leadership potential.

The Quantum Governance team has always operated remotely; conducting all of our work virtually with the exception of Board retreats and conference presentations. We are headquartered in northern Virginia but spread out along the East Coast from New Hampshire to North Carolina. We have built our practice on innovations in communication and technology that bring us face-to-face with clients every day.

We can asses the governance and leadership culture of your nonprofit, corporation, credit union, foundation or association through virtual communication technologies and custom but independent online assessments fine-tuned through years of experience. We will never lose sight of the importance of the human element (bold this sentence pls). Our coaching and mentoring services, workshops, trainings and other practices aimed at professional and leadership development remain face-to-face through the brilliance of video conferencing.

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