Reimagining Your Board Meetings

To make your gatherings more effective and engaging, first look at the real reasons boards meet. Leaders everywhere seem to be asking the question, “How do we make our board meetings more effective and more engaging?” To answer that question, I think you have to first look at the real reasons that boards meet. To…

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A Hero For All

There’s nothing like meeting your hero. For some, that might equate to a football player or a musician or maybe a politician — a well-known celebrity type, whose mere physical presence is immediately recognized by all. For a governance geek like me, heroes are fewer and farther in between. But they do exist and when…

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Effective Communications in the Board Room

A great number of the governance challenges that we come across in the work that our firm undertakes with credit unions can be boiled down to matters of communications. Are your board members crossing over into day-to-day operations? Well…have their roles and responsibilities been clearly defined, updated and effectively communicated to them? Are there two…

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